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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Terrible 3's

Stuey turns 3 in just over a month and I believe we slid through the twos and could be headed for the "terrible" 3's. Stuey is becoming STUBBORN. For instance, if I start to lift him out of the car and he wants to get out on his own, he says, "No, No, No-Me do." and I have to put him BACK in the car so he can do it on his own.
(I don't mind that part of his independent streak, however. I think thats healthy.)
The part that is draining is he and Nora fighting. Argh. And when Stuey is at all tired, his temper flares up more so than ever before. Stuey is such a cute, sweet little guy but then he just gets SO mad.

Yes, that little guy in sponge bob pajamas with a barrette in his hair is hair is not as innocent as he looks. Today, for instance, was a particularly frusturating stay-at-home day.... fraught with time outs, crying, hair-pulling and other attention getting tactics.

At times I think, "well, maybe its because I'm working too much"...but thats not it. I haven't been working much and recently I had 4 solid days off in a row without any change in his behavior. Who knows. Parenting is like detective work at times. Trying to figure out what changed, or what could improve the situation. One thing I do know is that sleep is HUGE for Stuey's mental attitude (as it is for me, too. Patrick reminds me of this...when I get at all sleep deprived, it is reflected in my mood). And lately Stuey has been rebelling against bed time, which isn't a good cycle.

I know what my sister Ella would recommend-serious physical exercise during the day to tire him out for bed time. I think a seriously long walk tomorrow is in order to tire out my little ones...



Meghan said...

This too shall pass-hang in there-you're doing a great job! By the time next year rolls around this will all be a distant memory!

Zoya said...

Ahhh...thats good to remember, Meghan! Thats why I like blogging about it..I'll look back and think "I remember those days...".Thanks for your words of support! :) Zoya