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Monday, December 28, 2009

Annual Christmas Party

Yesterday I took the kids to Libby and Jim's annual Christmas party. It's an after Christmas Kodiak tradition. Kids galore, good food, Balalaika singers, a HUGE christmas tree, and a diverse blend of the Kodiak community. I think my favorite part is the ham - Libby always puts out the world's best ham. But I think the kids really like the toys and other kids. Nora also liked dressing up in her new dress. Stuey REALLY liked the horsey, and they also played a lot in 'Rosie's Bait Shack'. Jim told Mike and I that the box really did once contain a load of bait (squid actually), and that since the box was so substantial they decided to keep it. They made it into a little fort and it has held up to 9 years of abuse. Zoya was helping with a birth so I went to the party with the kids and Mike and Cece. Mike and I traded off on watching the kids. Patrick

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