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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Mike, Roxann, Cece and baby Sophie came over for Christmas dinner. Patrick and Mike made a prime rib and we were laughing about the Fred Flintstone-size servings of meat. Patrick is seriously part cave man!

Stuey LOVED holding baby Sophie! He sat with her on the couch for around 20 minutes. And the only reason their time together had to end was that Sophie was getting hungry! He was so gentle and content with Sophie on his lap! It was precious...I had a BRIEF moment of "maybe another baby would be fun....Stuey would make a good big brother" (but don't worry-that moment quickly passed. I love having 2 kids!! Its the perfect number for our family. Any more, and I believe our lives would become chaotic.)



Stuey and Sophie, The Fred Flinstone portions of meat, Patrick and Mike, Roxann and Myself & Stuey modeling the goat hat.

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