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Friday, December 18, 2009

Abercrombie Lake & Zoya's Bible Lessons

Nora goes to the Baptist Mission PreSchool, which we have really enjoyed. They have caring teachers, a great outdoor play area and lots of free play time. In addition, the school also provides a lot of bible education and story time. Patrick and I don't partake in religion at a church at this time here in Kodiak, so for Nora to have some religion in preschool is quite fine with us. THe other day Nora came home with a little wrapped present for us. When we unwrapped it, we discovered a snow globe with a picture of Nora on one side and a drawing of a bible on the other side. I don't know if the kids were under assignment to draw a bible, or if they could draw whatever they chose, but it was cute nonetheless.

Today Nora came home with a christmas gift for her from the Baptist Mission. It was a kids bible. We read about a quarter of it...and ended with the story about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son. It was a little ghastly and hard to read it with out any sounds of shock in my voice. Nora's eyes got really big, nonetheless. I know the stories have a moral theme to them, and Patrick was remembering how hard core the old testament is. (By the way, I have read VERY little of the bible...I'm ashamed to say. So this is an education for me. Its watered down enough for me to understand. Patrick, on the otherhand, has read lots of the bible in schooling.) Nora is looking forward to finishing the book tomorrow, so I believe I"ll be learning a lot more about the bible, and all the famous historical people in it!

The past week, Nora has carved out a little play area in the living room. She calls it her office. The other day, Stuey ventured into this area. Nora said to him, "Stuey, out of here. A birth is coming up. And I'm taking care of lots of babies." I smiled to myself. She hears me talk about attending births as a doula and taking care of moms and babies with the KINDNESS program. Since that time, Nora has set up her office and I hear her doing imaginary play and talking about babies and feeding babies. Its funny how thats what she talks about because she is emulating me! If I worked at a fashion design company, she'd probably be talking about display ads, getting orders out the door, advertising, etc. Too funny! Shes my little mini-me!

Nora has an imaginary friend, Maya. At first I thought she was talking about our friend Katies daughter, Maya. But the past couple of months, I realized that since she hasn't seen or talked to Katie's Maya, that it is an imaginary Maya. Nora has discussions with her and a few weekends ago even talked about going to Maya's birthday party and Stuey wasn't invited. (this made Stuey cry-poor guy) She can spend 20-30 minutes talking and playing with Maya-perfectly content. I don't remember having imaginary friends as a kid, but thats probably because I had my twin sister always around during those imaginary play years.

Today I went for the first cross country ski of the year on Ft. Abercrombie lake! Patrick and I got a baby sitter for the kiddies and took off for the lake. The weather was just perfect, as was the snow conditions for classic skiing. No one else was on the lake. We did 4 laps and then finished running our various errands. Skiing once again felt so good--got me excited for winter! It was just what I needed. I love how my husband waxes and preps the skis for me--my complete ski guru. In the 10 years of knowing him, I've never had to do any ski waxing and I've done quite a bit of skiing in that time! I'm so lucky!

This past week, Kodiak experienced its first really cold spell this winter. I pulled out the great goat fur winter boots that Susie Malutin made many years ago. Boy did they keep my feet warm! I wore them all over town. So soft and furry on the outside and inside. Not once did my feet get cold, even with temps in the single digits and with wind chill factors below zero degrees!


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