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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rainy Weekend

Its been a windy, rainy weekend here in Kodiak. Perfect chance to clean, put up holiday decorations and rest. Yesterday we took the kiddies to see Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the Baranof museum. Stuey sat very willingly on Santa's (Mr.Holm) lap and he smiled the entire time. Mr. Holm even said, "Wow-you're a really smiley guy." I think it surprised Santa how Stuey didn't mind sitting with him at all.

Nora, on the otherhand, wanted nothing to do with the scene, which was fine. Lots of kids there were afraid of Santa, even though Santa was the most friendliest looking Santa I've ever seen. Later on, Nora had me write a little letter to Santa Claus. Patrick and I decided that theres no harm in talking up Santa a little bit.

Today we'll put up some lights, a small Charlie-Brown style of tree and put some holiday music on. The holidays begin!


Photos: Nora and Stuey dance around the house and kitchen. Nora likes to teach Stuey what she has learned in Ballet class. Bottom - Stuey sits on Santa's lap.

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