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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Run Bike & More Nora Pics

Yesterday I came home from skiing and found the kids already out on the lawn with the babysitter. She had them 'sledding' with the run bike down the hill in the back. The babysitter left, and we spent another hour going up and down the hill with the run bike. Stuey also did a few runs on top of Thomas the Train. I was amazed at how well the kiddos can ride the bike, and brought out the bike with pedals for them to try. The bike with pedals and training wheels did not work well at all because the training wheels got in the way! I guess it is time for the training wheels to go away.

I took the top two photos of Nora 'sledding' on wheels, and then she decided that she wanted to take photos of Stuey doing a run. The bottom 3 photos are all ones Nora took. I've noticed that Nora is into taking self portraits of herself just like Mommy does. But Nora prefers to take them while making a funny face. Nora got a pretty good action pic of Jake with a stick. Patrick

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