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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grinding Meat

Last night we ground up all the burger from this year's hunting season. That's over a 100 pounds of meat! And I am proud to say that Stuey seemed to enjoy it. He was intrigued watching the ground meat coming out of the grinder, and frequently helped Gregg with redistributing the finished meat in the tote.

We did not grind the meat earlier this year because we wanted mix in organic beef fat from my Aunt and Uncle's farm out East. Last spring we sent them Halibut, Cod and Crab from Kodiak, and in return they sent us organic beef fat and lamb from their farm. What a deal! But we had to wait until December for them to butcher their cows - hence the long delay for the big grind. Only problem with the fat is that it was too good and kept on gumming up the meat grinder. Patrick


Isiik said...

I hope I get a small sample!

My Little Family: said...

Patrick, did you do an addition on to the front of your house? I don't remember a door to the right of the fireplace yet I've seen it in several photos. Perhaps I just had a bad memory :(

Oh, they are Alaska state duck stamps & prints.