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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Birdcount

Yesterday I helped out with Kodiak's Christmas Birdcount. My job was to climb up into the mountains and find a ptarmigan. And I did, but it sure was nasty up there (top photo)! Of course when I got back down it cleared up and got beautiful (second photo). The rest of the day I helped out my team by walking down Pilar Creek (where I found an Ouzel, Kingfisher, and some Mergansers). Since I got so wet climbing up the mountain in a blizzard I was freezing for the rest of the day. We even counted the eagles at the dump. When I got home I took a really hot shower and finally warmed up. And then when I took the dogs for a walk I saw my most exotic bird of the day at the end of our driveway - 2 robins. Robins may not sound exotic but they are quite rare on Kodiak. It's funny because a birder in Ohio probably would not bat an eye over a robin - but the 400 bald eagles at the dump would have bowled them over! Patrick

1 comment:

kodiak said...

hey patrick,
how many different species were counted? was it a "good" year? were there any surprises-- rare sighting, big number? have you ever had a bird count when you didn't freeze?
happy to see you are getting some skiing in!