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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Claus came to Kodiak

On Christmas Eve, Nora and Stuey were very excited about Santa's arrival. In preparation, we talked to Nora about how we should leave some food out for Santa. The "standard" Santa food usually consists of cookies and milk, but we didn't have any cookies, so Nora suggested Pistacios and oranges. And a can of LaCroix soda water! Patrick said, "What should we leave for the reindeer? How about some carrots?"
The next morning, we saw pistacio shells, orange peels and there were teeth marks in the carrots! Santa and his reindeer appreciated all the food! Nora loved seeing how the food was gone. Patrick and I appreciated how there will only be 2 years or so when the kids believe in Santa! And how fun it is. Nora takes Santa so seriously. Its precious. That is the true magic of Christmas!

Patrick's present for me was a goat and beaver fur hat...made from a goat he "harvested" (its so hard for me to write "shot") 2 years ago. Susan Malutin made it. Patrick gave her the whole goat hide and she has been using it for various projects. The fur is so very soft. It's hard to believe it's goat fur! I already have matching goat fur, boots, gloves that Susie fun! Luckily we've had cold weather this winter so I have been able to wear some of it, too!


My new goat-fur trimmed hat!
Stuey and Nora in clothes which were given to them from grandparents.
Nora in a new dress modeling mommy's new hat
Me getting ready for dinner with a final vaccuum.
The remnants from Santas Christmas eve snack! Note the teeth marks on the carrot pieces on the floor!

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