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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

O Chistmas Tree & Winter Walks

This past weekend we put our Christmas tree up. Patrick sawed one down off our property-it is the "Charlie Brown Christmas" tree type that we get every year. It has a solid, wide base, which is good to prevent tipping!

We have been slow in putting ornaments on it. And VERY selective about which ornaments to put up. This year, there are only un-breakable ornaments on. The ones made of aluminum or cloth are winners. This morning Stuey and Nora spent around 1/2 hour rearranging the ornaments-placing them high, then low, then high. It was quite cute. (Especially since Stuey was wearing a headband. Nora put one on for herself then insisted that Stuey wear one as well!)

I am really enjoying how for a couple of days we've had mild weather and no ice. Last night we took advantage of the conditions by going for an after dinner walk down the road. The kids and myself had flashlights, and we took the dogs-whose eyes glowed in the dark! There are 6 houses on Cliffside Road who have put holiday lights up, so it was fun to walk down the street and admire them. We held hands with the kids and they enjoyed playing with their flashlights.


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Meghan said...

ADORABLE! I love the headbands!