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Thursday, December 24, 2009

'No snow' means 'some snow' on Kodiak

One great thing about living on Kodiak is that we always seem to have snow. It's just that sometimes you have to work a bit to get to it. When I lived in Wisconsin - 'no snow' meant no snow. But here, with all the mountains around. No snow usually just means no snow down low, or in town. There is always snow in the mountains - even in Summer. Right now we officially have no snow in town, and yet I can be skate skiing after just a 20 minute hike on the top of Old Womans Mountian - or I can get in some downhill turns on Pyramid Mountain after a short 25 minute drive. Not bad. Am I a Pollyanna? Patrick

Photos: A view over Bells Flats from the top of Old Womans (top) and Barometer Mountain from Pyramid - note that Old Womans just to the left of Pyramid does have a nice cover of snow (bottom).

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