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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Los Anchorage

Last Friday our arrival in Anchorage coincided with a snowstorm. The perfect opportunity to test how our new Hyundai handles ice and snow. It tested out so well that I fear it is now Zoya's new car. I'll be inheriting her old purple subaru - the 'latte mobile'. We call it the 'latte mobile' because Zoya likes to leave the remains of her coffee shop visits in the cup holders. Zoya has even come up with a new nickname for our new car - it's a black car and Zoya wants to call it 'nightrider'.

While in Anchorage we stayed with Bonnie and Todd. Bonnie made a killer turkey noodle soup, and the kids worked on puzzles while we all caught up. The new snow in Anchorage also marked the start of their cross country ski season. And Todd and I skiied at Hillside every day. I do not get the opportunity to ski on groomed trails all that much so I was in heaven.

The highlight of the trip for the kids was 'Bouncing Bear'. We had heard about this place from Mike and Roxanne. It's an amusement park for kids where they get to bounce around in inflated structures. They loved it and we 'had' to go twice. Nora and Stu would run off in different directions and it was all Zoya and I could do to keep up with them. I noticed that the limit for kids was 250 pounds - so on occasion I felt free to follow them through the maze of inflated tubes and slides. This was necessary because on occasion they'd get run down by older kids and we'd hear caterwauling from inside. Nora and Stu loved it when the 'big kid' daddy arrived to save them. Patrick


Sue and Brian said...

Nora told me today to take Fiona to Bouncing Bear when she's a "Big Kid." She gave me directions..."its just past Diamond." :)


Zoya said...! her directions were pretty good! It was right across from the dimond center Mall! :) Too funny. Today when a toy catalog came in the mail, she was picking out toys that Baby Fiona would like to play with some day!! Zoya