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Monday, December 14, 2009

Bunk Bed

Nora and Stuey recently got a bunk bed as gift from grandparents. Nora LOVES her top bunk-it is like a private little tree-house. Way up high and only hers. Stuey is stil trying to l warm up to his bottom bunk. I think the bed feels a little small to him after all his time in his toddler bed. And there have been the altercations about the ladder & Stuey wanting to climb into Nora's space...the standard battles which occur all over the world with bunk beds. They are being won and lost here on Cliffside Drive, too!

Tonight before bed I put Nora's hair in a pony tail and Stuey wanted a pony tail too-so he got a "bam-bam" pony tail (flinstones reference) as well as a hairclip like Nora.

Photos are of Patrick telling the kiddies stories at bedtime.


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Meghan said...

Oh, boy! My brother, Patrick, and I were in bunk beds for many years. I think that they are a real rite of passage. Such fun...