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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surf's Up

On my way home from picking up Stuey and Nora at the sitters we noticed some surfers catching the waves at Mill Bay Beach. The kiddos were intrigued by the action so we stopped and watched for a while. As you can see - Stuey was entranced. Stuey just may have caught an inkling of what he'd like to do in life. If you look closely you can see the surfers in the wave beyond Stuey. I also tried to catch them surfing, but every time one of the surfers caught a wave it seemed I was helping one of the kids with something. But I did catch a brief moment of a surfer catching and then rejecting a wave. It will have to do.

Given that our house is in sight of where these guys were surfing. Or as Nora pointed out when we first got to the beach, 'there's our house!' And that Stuey appears to be infatuated with the idea - I think we have more surfing in our future. ... ..

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