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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This past month there has been quite a bit of meat processing going on at the Saltonstalls. Between deer and a goat, many white packages of meat have been put away in freezers. 
This week Lisa and Gregg came over to process the goat from last weekends hunt. 

Here Lisa and Patrick are cutting apart goat ribs with hedge trimmers. That goat had some serious bones! Them people have some serious muscles!

 The kids, especially Nora, have really gotten into helping with writing on the packages. Below, is a drawing that Lisa did last winter of the sheep meat.

 ...and below,  Nora's version!

This week Nora got even more extravagant in her drawing. She drew Lisa, the deer, sun and mountain (and even Lisa shooting the deer. How cool is it that Nora has a cool Kodiak female hunting "Auntie"?!)


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