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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pea Soup

On Saturday while Zoya and the kids were trying to beat the fog and leave Kodiak the kids asked about the meaning of 'pea soup fog'.  Zoya explained that 'pea soup' is very thick and hard to see into - so 'pea soup fog' means thick fog.  Planes landing need to see - so pea soup fog is bad for flying.  Zoya's explanation got me thinking - why not 'clam chowder' or minestrone fog?  If it's clear out should we call it consomme?  Zoya and I laughed about the 'clam chowder fog' and then when it started to rain we told the kids that it was raining clams.

Anyway, they beat the fog and eventually made it out of Kodiak, and off to 'cousin camp' in Montana.  In the picture below taken by our friend Betty O we are killing time at the airport.

After they left I took Joe - a visiting friend - hunting.  Needless to say, we did not beat the fog and get a deer.  We spent our time in the tent by the woodstove waiting for the weather to clear (top photo).  Eventually we did go out and whack about in the pea soup fog, and we actually did sneak up on a doe.  But we saw nothing with horns legal to shoot.  But as I explained to Joe I'd rather be camping in the rain than halibut fishing.  I think he sort of agreed - but he also likes to fish for halibut.  Patrick

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