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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cousin Camp Wrap-Up

We are home and unpacking from our trip to Montana. Nora is very sick now with the same illness which plagued her cousins in Bozeman...fever, cough and miserable feeling. Today she slept a ton as I unpacked. She would say, "mom, I want to be where the action is." So as I unpacked in the bedroom, she slept there. And if I was in the kitchen, she would rest on the couch there.
Dan and Bonnie made the most amazing home made guacamole in Montana, as well as so many homemade Mexican dishes. One fun thing about being with family is cooking together, as I always learn so much from watching my brother-in-law Dan cook. Over the years he has taught me how to make many various dishes including omelettes, stuffing...
This trip I learned about how to make aioli sauce, homemade refried beans and a killer mexican scrambled egg dish.

I jokingly called cousin camp "behavior reform camp" for Stuey.  My sisters were awesome with Stuey--giving love and very consistent, firm guidance when he was starting to act up. I learned a lot from watching them with various time out techniques. Being a mom is a hard job, and it was nice to have down to earth conversations with my sisters about the challenges of parenting. Below, Bonnie shows Stuey the countdown on her timer of how many minutes left for his time out.
On the last evening I coordinated a Cousin Camp Talent Show. Most of the cousins did an act, and Nora sang "You are My sunshine". Stuey sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." (with his speech impediment, it sounded like "tinkle, tinkle little star."


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