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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boat Launching

We've had days and days of sun, which has equated to tired kids from so much outside playtime. Tonight at 6:30 I started story time and the kids didn't even protest with how early it was. By 6:50, Nora and Stuey were both  in bed and by 7:00-sound asleep. YES!
 I was giddy with excitement to have 2+ hours to myself to get things done before bed time myself!

Our friends and neighbor, Matt and Rachel, invited us to an exciting day in their life; the launching of a handmade wooden boat which Matt has been working on for over a year. The boats name is Wee Miss and it has been a labor of love for Matt-days, hours, months spent making the boat by hand. 

Patrick and the kids joined in the launch. I unfortunately couldn't make it because of School Auction priorities.

Stuey was in on the maiden voyage. As I looked at the pictures tonight, it is so cool because two people can row at the same time AND the seats move, which makes rowing easier!

Congratulations to Matt and Rachel on the accomplishment of making a beautiful boat. I can't wait to row in it someday.


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