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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Floating the Yellowstone

 Another gorgeous day in Montana and 5 of us went to the Yellowstone river to raft and paddle board. This was my first time paddle boarding and I loved it. And I love the Yellowstone River. It is so clear, warm and peaceful. We passed very few people in the 3 hours we were afloat. There are no motorboats and there is no perfect place than on a river on a hot day like today.
 My nephew Bryan and cousin Cami were along and they had fun trying to occasionally push each other off the boards. I commented, "this is what Nora and Stuey will be like in 10 years when they are old enough to go!"

Cami did a backbend on the board, as well as an inverted type yoga pose. We all decided it was extremely hard to stand on one foot on the board. 

 There was 1 rapid that we went through and the rest of the river was very mild rapids. The 11 miles took 3 hours to float.
 I'm giving paddle boarding 2 thumbs up. I would love to try it in Kodiak. Need to find someone with a board to try the ocean out on a calm day.
And Yellowstone River is fabulous.  I loved the warm clean water splashing over my feet....and watching the rocks on the bottom of the river as we floated over them.

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