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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Dig Week 3

Yes those are headnets, and yes it has been a bit buggy this week.  We spent most of 2 days in the lab due to rain, and I think the extra moisture brought out the bugs.  But we've all seen worse, and spirits are high.  Actually the bugs only seem bad in the mornings before the site dries out and the afternoon breeze picks up.

In the main block we have already hit the glacial till at the bottom of the site in places.  Our supposed 'house' from last year appears to be a huge hearth type feature that was used repeatedly.  There are lenses of red ochre, sods charred an 'electric orange' color, bits of calcined bone, and lots and lots of fire cracked rock.

Molly and I are wondering if the repeated sod quarrying has to do with making temporary structures, and perhaps it is all such a mess because they did it so often?

We also opened up a block (block C) on the west 'Amak'.  It is a different area of the site, and we want to see if they were doing the same sorts of things over there.

Leslie found a HUGE pit dug deeply down into the glacial till.  Nice feature but we have not found any artifacts or distinctive soils associated with it.  After this picture was taken she did find a hearth feature under about where her bucket is in the photo.  Patrick

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