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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Neglected Garden

It's been a busy summer, and what with the archaeological surveys, digs, and travel I have barely been able to keep up with the garden.  It has been very neglected.  And yet it has exploded nonetheless.  Weeds everywhere.  But as you can see the carrots, lettuce and brocoli/kale seem to be doing great above.  Below is my beet patch with potatoes in the back.  I also grew radishes and mesclin on either side of the beets but they are all past now.

Below is more of my potato patch with some more kale/brocoli and garlic in front.  Most of my garlic froze during the winter and I think I will just use the 3 that survived for seed stock for next year.

My peas are starting to get unruly and soon they will be too tall for the lines I have to keep them upright.  I fear they will soon fall over.  And note - no peas yet just flowers.  But I expect all the peas and pea pods I can eat soon.  Patrick

PS - Is that a Notre Dame shirt on my kid?  I got to get him wearing Badger red.

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