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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Blueberry Safari

This past weekend it was all about subsistence in the Saltonstall world.  On Saturday I helped harvest meat, and dug up half the garlic from the garden.  And then on Sunday we collected something like 2 or 3 gallons of blueberries.

The berry picking expedition was like something you'd see on the Serengeti Plain 100,000 years ago.  A band of hunter gatherers, followed by a pack of dogs, traipsing into the woods to collect dinner.

Every couple of minutes Stuey would yell, 'I found the best blueberry bush ever!'

I couldn't help but think of optimal foraging theory - how dense do the berries have to be to get me to stop and pick, and when do I move on to another bush?  It was also clear that many of the bushes had been picked before we got there, and I got to thinking it's all relative.  Early in the season when none of the bushes have been picked it needs to be a pretty good bush to hold my attention. But as the season progresses we lower our standards because the densely packed bushes are difficult to find.

It certainly was a good time.

Nora wants to fill our spare 'elk' freezer with berries, and she is well on her way!


Tank likes to pick blueberries too!

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