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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kid-isms, On the Eve of Kindergarten, Canning Salmon


Recently Stuey and Nora have had some phrases which I want to capture for posterity sake, so here they are. With some speech impediments to go along...

-Today as I was cleaning the stove, Stuey sat and watched. He said, "Wow. That is so clean, my heart is beeping."

-Nora said something quietly. I asked her what she said, She replied, "I'm trying to make a good quote. Stuey gets all the quotes."

-Today as I was making waffles, Stuey says, "Next beez mine" (Next be mine).

-Stuey was sorting his coins in his purse. He said, "I am sorting this wittle goes with wittle" (this little goes with this little). 

We went into a restaurant. Stuey looked up on the wall and asked, "where'd 'em got those pictures from?"

Stuey calls every type of berry a blueberry. Salmonberries, rasperries, strawberries...they are all blueberries. This continued over from last summer and for some reason I thought this habit would be dropped this summer, but it continues. We try to gently correct him, but he doesn't really notice. 

"I just love these waffles. I want to eat them all day."-Stuey as he eats his chocolate chip pancakes. 

I served the kids chicken. Stuey asked, "Is that chicken he (dad)  hunted from deer?"- Stuey, trying to put together the food source puzzle. 

Below our friend Roxann plays Red light/Green light at a friends birthday party last weekend.

And Canning.  Wow. Did Patrick and our friend Joe ever can some salmon last weekend. All the windows in the living area of our house were fogged up as the pressure cookers whistled away. 
            Here's the STATS: 
            60 jars
            Salmon and types: 10 (kings and Silvers)
            # of LARGE pressure cookers going at once: 3
           Time it took: 6 hours


Its the eve before kindergarten for Stuey, and first grade for Nora. I'm so ready for school to start. SO READY.  I'm done with summer. Its a combination of factors... 
A cold summer in Kodiak, not many days with temps over 60, especially recently. 
Nora has been sick the last 5 days, and the kids have been at each other.  
Stuey is ready for a challenge and a new scene. He is starting to climb the walls a bit. 

Today I made the dash to walmart to grab the oodles of school supplies on the "St. Marys School supply list" at Walmart. Man its a heap of supplies! Paper towels, hand sanitizers, kleenex, glue sticks, reams of copy paper....
I hate to sound old, but when I was a kid, all I remember bringing was some pencils, box of crayons and backpack. I got some oreos as a special treat for lunch, and their uniform pieces lined up. I think everything fits. Phew. 
Stuey's class only has 9-10 kids in it, which I'm thrilled about. The principal will be teaching his class. Its going to be great for him to be in such a small class for kindergarten!

 Above, Nora and I at cousin camp in Montana. Below, Stuey went fishing at Mill Bay beach this week with Patrick. He casted for an hour and a half on the beach.


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