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Monday, August 13, 2012

Cousin Camp and Yellowstone Park

 Nora and Stuey and myself are in Montana for 6 days for a family reunion. We call it cousin camp, because all of the cousins are able to get together while us older family members get time together as well. We last got together 2 years ago in Traverse City Michigan and decided to try to do it every other year.

Below, my niece Cami holds up the quilt I made for her 16th birthday. She is a gem of a gal, always so positive and awesome. And so great with the little ones!

On the first morning at Peggy's house in Bozeman, Ella prepared a wonderful breakfast for everyone. Waffles, fruit and breakfast casserole. 
 Here at the Cousin camp house in Paradise Valley, the kids blew up a huge ball, with which they could climb inside and roll around in. It had so many different bubbles to blow up, that 1/2 the fun was all the time it took to inflate it! The kids took turns blowing up the various compartments.
 And they could roll around on the lawn in it AND Bryan could stand in it and look like a clump of blue cells! The trampoline is a BIG hit here at cousin camp. It is built into the ground with bushes all around the perimeter. The kids spend hours bouncing.
 The ball was hollow inside, so the kids could crawl inside and roll around the yard in it.

Ella and Anne with the evening sun behind them...

I'm amazed by how appealing the hot tub is to the kids ALL times of day...even when its 80 degrees outside! We've had to work to keep all the little guys hydrated this trip. The sun, the elevation, the excitement...

 Today we drove to Yellowstone Park and went to a hot springs which flowed right into Yellowstone River. It was wonderful...the waterfall below was very warm water which cascaded into the cool river. It was a short walk to get to, but by the time we arrived, it felt fabulous to just soak in the cold water.
 The hike to the springs. I am in love with Yellowstone River. Tomorrow we are going to adventure out on it on paddle boards and kayaks. Can't wait!

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