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Friday, August 17, 2012

Peas Gone Wild

It has been very wet and foggy lately.  Ever since Zoya and the kids left very few planes have left or arrived on Kodiak.  I have heard of several people who have been stuck in Kodiak for a week.  I sure hope Zoya and the kids make it in today!

All that said, I like a rainy day - even a rainy week.  After a hectic summer it is kind of nice to go into hibernation mode.  And it is harder to go into hibernation mode when it is sunny and beautiful outside.  So for the past week while everybody has been complaining about the weather I've been re-charging my batteries.

Photos: the top photo is of the peas - they are HUGE and starting to fall over.  Lots of flowers and small pods, but the cool weather has kept the pods from growing to full size.

In the middle photo the fireweed is practically blooming to the top of the stem.  Pretty soon they will die off and fall will arrive. I can't wait!

Finally the bottom photo is of the trees in Abercrombie.  Since the dig ended, I have been taking the dogs for a walk everyday in the park.  Patrick

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