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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday in Bed

Today is Nora's 7th birthday, and she has spent most of it sleeping off a bad virus. At cousin camp in Montana two of her cousins were quite sick with croup and strep, and Nora became ill the day after we returned home. I'm glad the virus waited until we got home to kick in - at least she was  able to enjoy all of cousin camp!

 It was my lucky day, because when I went to Safeway there was a group with a table selling baked goodies. Lo and behold, there was a yellow cake topped with M&M's. I bought it for Nora and after dinner we brought it into her to blow out candles. She immediately laid back down to go to sleep.

Nora's birthday party with friends was planned for today, but we've postponed that to another time when she feels better. She's handled it all quite well...a few tears of disappointment yesterday when she woke up sick yesterday and said, "Mom, I think i'm going to still be sick for my birthday tomorrow."

 Stuey and I enjoyed the cake...Nora sleeps and says she'll have a piece later.

Happy 7th to wonderful Nora!


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