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Saturday, August 11, 2012

All Done

Yesterday the Community Archaeology dig ended.  On Thursday we completely backfilled the site and then yesterday we did some final clean up and then used the transit to determine the site's height above current sea level.  Amazingly enough we found that we could see someone standing on the road out by the ocean and we were able to shoot the elevation very accurately.  Ryan C had a graph of the current daily tide levels in Womens Bay and we simply shot the water level and then checked the time.  We then subtracted the amount that the tide was out at that moment and did some other math and basically determined that the top of the site is 9 meters above mean high tide.  That means the flat plain in front of the site is currently 4 meters above mean high tide.  The site is also 1.3 kilometers from the ocean.  Now we just need to figure out where the beach was located when people were hunting seals at the site.

The dig is all over but the lab work and analysis is FAR from over.  I can't wait to see how many bayonets we can get to refit.  We also have some more features to radiocarbon date.  Lots more to do. .. .. .Patrick

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