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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Green Green Trees

This morning I went for walk in Abercrombie with the dogs and brought the camera along.  The sunlight was coming through the spruce canopy and dappling the understory.  Ordinarily this is bad light for photography because the camera can't expose for both the dark and light areas.  The photographs end up with super bright over-exposed areas.  So this morning I tried something new - I went into the camera's menu and tried the 'DR correction' setting.  DR stands for dynamic range.  I did this once before on a cross country ski this winter and the pictures all ended up washed out.  But this time it seemed to work.  The dappled shadows actually ended up looking good.

At the start of the walk I also noticed that our raspberries are ripe.  Not many yet, and our patch is small, but I hope that in years to come we have a HUGE patch with lots of berries.  Patrick

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