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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Power Flex Class

Powerflex classes have officially been going on for 2 months at A Balanced Approach and I've been so thrilled with the turnout to classes this fall.

Last spring, when I decided to take the plunge and get the weights and training to teach trainers in powerflex classes at A Balanced Approach, I never before had taken a power flex class. Part of me wondered, was there a desire or need in Kodiak? Would it be fun? Would people come? Would I pay off the money I put forth into the equipment?

Two months into classes, I have been so amazed by the turnout and support. The 5:30AM class (taught by my BFF Mary Jane) is very packed, anywhere from 6-9 (max cap) people in it. My 4:15 PM class typically has 6 people in it and they are a very consistent regular group.

One thing I noticed was 2 weeks into the classes (after 4 sessions) I started to notice muscles where I hadn't noticed them before (especially upper body right away). This took me by surprise, as I expected it would take at least 4 weeks to start seeing results. Sounding like an infomercial here, but its true. Then I heard the members talking amongst themselves, saying they were seeing results in 2 weeks as well. Its amazing how once you start resistance training with muscles, it really starts changing body composition~~bye bye fat, hello muscle.

The thing I'm happiest with is that the classes have brought in a whole segment of population who wanted to do weight training but didn't want to go to our gym. The classes are less intimidating then walking into a weight training gym and doing a program on your own. Its nice to bring weights back into peoples lives (including mine!).


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