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Monday, October 03, 2011

Accommodations on the Hunt

Over the years our hunting accommodations have gotten better and better. On the boat everybody has learned to put stuff away and take up as little space as possible - a 50 foot seiner may seem big, but 7 people take up a lot of space. While on shore we now use lightweight sil- nylon teepees with woodstoves. In the old days we used to mostly day hunt from the boat. The advantage to spending the night on shore is that we've found the elk tend to bed down in the trees around 10 AM, and if you are not up high looking for them by then you will miss your chance to catch them out grazing in the open.

This year on the hunt we got to camp on the first night and it was pouring rain. We could not wait to set up the teepee and woodstove and retreat inside to dry out. Then I noticed that I'd somehow lost the door to the stove. Luckily we had carried along a can of SPAM and I was able to fashion a new door out of the can (third and fifth photo down). It worked great.

On the boat we generally bring along frozen meals that can be re heated in the stove. Frozen lasagnas are an old standby. This year Ray brought along a HUGE pot of chili (top photo).

This year Jim also got a new boat. Gone are the days of the old Alpha Centuri. This year we hunted from the larger boat Columbia. We could all fit up in the wheel house (second down) and down below we also all fit around the table (fourth down). It seemed much bigger, but 7 guys still do take up a lot of space and there was always the dance to stay out of each other's way.

All and All GREAT accommodations. Patrick

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