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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Couch Fiasco

There are moments in life where you think something is such a great idea, then come to realize, it may not have been. Today was one of those moments. Last week I went couch shopping with my sister for the place she was moving to. We went to the funiture store that is closing down and there was a great sale going on. I was thinking about how our couch of 10+ years would be moved to the birth class location for more seating....and we could get something different. I spied the red leather couch, sat on it-and decided to get it for our living room.

Little did I know what a beast it is. It had two recliner sections to it, which I didn't know when purchasing it. THis makes the couch much heavier and challenging to Patrick and I discovered tonight. Not sure I would've purchased it had I known about the reclining features...

I was sweating bullets as we were measuring every door in the house and realized it wouldn't really fit through any of them. How the heck can furniture places sell couches that can't fit through standard doors!? At one point we had the couch half in/half out of the house and it was totally stuck. I was worried about having to saw it in half and Patrick started making comments about wanting to throw the whole thing off the cliff (sort of joking....). I was quite pleased with how he kept his sense of humor through the whole thing.

Eventually (1 hour later) we had to take apart parts of our sliding glass door, as well as the bottom of the couch frame to barely squeeze it through. And we took off the end recliner to get it in the door.

And the kicker is that our old couch is outside in this cold night-tomorrow I have to take the frame off of that one to get it in the birth class didn't fit through that door. Argh.

Guess I learned my lesson about buying any different furniture....


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Jowers Inc. said...

This is hilarious. I think most people have stories like this honestly. You all sure look cozy once it was in!