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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cliffside Trick Or Treaters

Today Kodiak was blessed with beautiful, perfect halloween weather.

After dinner we took the kids down the street for a treating hour. Every year Patrick and I enjoy halloween, as its a nice time to say hi to neighbors. In Kodiak there is a big "downtown" trick or treating, which is great (lots of candy, high volume for kids at businesses) but the element of connecting with neighbors is completely lost when doing that. The downtown trick or treating began more than 7 or 8 years ago, because its supposedly more "safe" than kids wandering around in the dark, but I would argue that taking some time every year to know your neighbors makes your neighbor hood more safe. With neighborhood trick or treating, our kids have a chance to meet neighbors face to face and get to know them more with Patrick and I there.

Today on our trip down Cliffside, we met new neighbors who moved into the house "5 minutes ago". I first met "her" in Powerflex Class last week and they both just recently moved here and their things were just dropped off today. We talked with them for a few minutes, and I was most impressed how they had a pumpkin in their window and a huge bag of candy for the kdis to chose from. Most houses were prepared with candy, which made me so happy. The kids took turning running to houses and ringing doorbells.

Last year we were on an overseas trip with friends for halloween, so there wasn't any trick or treating. I think it took a while for Stuey to get the hang of what to do!

Thanks to all the great smiles and candy from our neighbors on Cliffside Drive!


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