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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Attitude Makes the Difference

On Jim's boat just above the door where you entered the cabin was a small sticker that read, 'Attitude Makes the Difference'. It became the hunt mantra. When the going got tough, or when you had not seen an elk for days and it was raining - we'd think, 'Attitude makes the difference'.

And when the other team DID get an elk, they had to carry it a LONG way up a hill, through alders and salmonberries to the beach. When you are carrying that much weight a mantra DOES make a difference. An elk back quarter weighs over 100 pounds so your attitude does indeed carry the day. But I will add that Mike S liked to add that in Fairbanks the saying is, 'It's Attitude not Latitude'.

What's funny about this year's hunt is that it is the first successful elk hunt where I did not have to carry meat. I did hike a lot, but it still just does not seem real unless you have tortured yourself with a really heavy pack. It never really sunk in that we'd been successful until I saw the horns on the deck. Thanks guys. Patrick

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