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Monday, October 31, 2011

Archaeology in the Rain

And yet another video! This one is of the Alutiiq Museum's Karluk River archaeological survey from last May. Four of us flew out and did a 2 week survey of the Karluk River. We looked for prehistoric fish camps and villages and then mapped and tested them (dug test pits to see what was there). We lost Molly to pushki burns about halfway through the project and with our good luck charm gone it began to rain.. .. .. and rain. .. .. and rain. Pushki is a plant whose juice bonds with the skin and then reacts to sunlight - creates a rash much like really bad poison ivy. Very Nasty. Anyway, this video is my attempt at showing what it was like on the Karluk River last May. Also Zoya did all the music and final editing for this one. Patrick


Molly Odell said...

I love the video! I think I'm going to show this in my class next quarter as an example of real archaeology. Do you think it will scare them???

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

The pushki burns should scare them, but probably will not. I hope there is enough archaeology in there for them. But that sort of trip is why I do archaeology. Patrick

Jowers Inc. said...

Great video and awesome music choice. We love Kings of Leon in this house. Our 5 year old requests just this song, Back Down South. Maybe because we are 'down' South. Who knows, but she loves it and sings right along.