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Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Xtra Tuff

While looking through old photos I found one more of me in Xtra Tuffs that I just had to add to my Xtra Tuff post. It is a picture of the crew - Gregg, Me, Nancy and Franz - on the outskirts of the town of False Pass at the start of our hike to Shishaldin Volcano. Our packs are massive with enough food and fuel in them to last us 2 weeks, and we had to walk many miles up a river bed to get to the snow. We had to cross the river numerous times and the rest of the crew had to take their boots off and wade barefooted at each crossing - But not me! I'd much rather wear Xtra Tuffs than hiking boots - I can't think of a situation (except maybe glare ice where crampons are required) that Xtra Tuffs are at a disadvantage. Patrick

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