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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day at Firehouse with Amy

This past week our friend Amy M. has been in town doing archaeology research at the museum; she is a professor at Oberlin College and comes here frequently to work on research projects. Today Amy and I had fun taking the kids out and about.
(and as a sidenote, Patrick and I think it would be fun if someday Nora and Stuey went to Oberlin and Amy could teach them!)

Fire Prevention Month activity-unbeknowngst to me-occurs annually. The Coast Guard Firehouse puts the event on with lots of fun activities surrounding it. This was the first time I'd ever heard of it. Boy was it fun! The firetrucks were all out on the premise so the kids could climb into them. Inside the firehouse was bouncin' bear inflatable jumping structures. And free popcorn, chili, hotdogs, put-put golf....the whole 9 yards. And it was all free and so well organized. It was like a firehouse dreamland!

The big exciting demo was watching firefighters go through the process of extracting a fake person from a car using the various "Jaws of Life". That was pretty cool--how strong the jaws are. They work very slowly with hydraulics. Most recently there was an airplane near Heitman Lake where they had to use them to help get people out of the plane. Really makes me admire how firemen have to work in all sorts of tough conditions--cars on fire, airplanes on mountainsides, etc...they have work methodically, safely, quickly. Many thanks to all the firemen out there who save lives and work in extreme conditions every day.

One of the more "random" booths was a booth where you shoot a basketball into a basket, and a guy in an enclosed box gets showered in water (temperature unknown...gosh i hope it was warm-he wasn't looking too warm, however...). You didn't have to pay anything and anyone could shoot hoops. Stuey gave it two honest good attempts. That was pretty wild.


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