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Saturday, October 08, 2011

My Yoga Sis

My twin sister E. had an open house today at the yoga studio (100th Monkey Yoga) she starts teaching at on Monday.

The venue is gorgeous; overlooks Mission Bay, heated bamboo floors. She is in Yoga heaven to have such a beautiful setting in which to practice. She is an Iyengar Yoga instructor and has been teaching in Kodiak at A Balance Approach since she moved here last summer.
I look forward to taking her classes! She demo-ed a cool move which involves the wall and harness. Its called Spiderman, or something along those lines. The most fascinating part was how she got in and out of it so quickly-it was like she was a spider. I would've torn some serious muscles getting in and out of that!! Don't try that one at home!!

Looking forward to trying an Iyengar Yoga class this fall!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That maneuver looks magical for your hips. I wonder if it would help relieve the weight and pressure of pregnancy on your hips and help them open up?