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Friday, October 28, 2011

Final 3 Day weekend Hike Photos

Final photos from our three day weekend goat hunt. The top photo is of Gregg and John looking over a deep valley for goats. The sow and cub encounters kept us from getting to the other side of this valley and all those white dots at the bottom are flying ptarmigan. There were flocks of ptarmigan flying everywhere. Second photo is of me hiking out of a snow tunnel near camp. Shortly after we took this picture John saw a 'fox' that turned out to be 'Spike the goat'. We shot him at the last possible moment - it rained for the rest of the trip. Third photo is of our last camp - we were a little worried about high winds and John built a stone wall to shelter the tent. Fourth photo is a landscape with the ocean in the distance - that small figure is John. Still no goats! Finally the last photo is of Gregg and John in the fog. We wandered all around in the whiteout and things like bears and mountains would suddenly loom out of the fog. Patrick

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