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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Family Dinner

Tonight we had an unexpected family dinner with our relatives who now live in town. We're not allowed to name their names on our blog (their request), but they are our siblings.

Patrick, the kids and I myself decided to go to dinner at the Powerhouse and when we pulled up, saw my twin and Patrick's brothers van van. A surprise! The server who had just seated my sister and her husband, looked at me and said, "Wait I thought I already sat you". She was quite confused. Pretty funny. There has been a lot of small town confusion lately with people getting my twin and I confused!

Then, when it came time to order, I wrote out my sushi request on the paper with 1 roll on it: The No Name Roll. My sister had in mind already to order the exact same roll. What are the chances? I think the server thought we were on crazy similar wavelengths to order the same thing-what a coincidence.


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Molly Odell said...

I'm sure having a twin in a small town makes for some interesting encounters! People think my sister and I are the same person all the time, especially when she was in high school and I was away at college. When I'd be home on breaks people would say things to me like "Nice job in the basketball game yesterday!"