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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Filling up the freezer

The elk hunt is all about filling up the freezer, and that includes more than with just elk meat. One year each participant got as much halibut as elk. That year sort of set the gold standard, and we have been trying to catch halibut ever since with a dismal rate of success. We have not caught a halibut in 2 years now. But we have caught plenty of Pacific Cod, and we keep on trying. Remember 'Attitude makes the difference'.

However, even if we did not get halibut while on the boat, hunt participants can still trade portions of their share of elk for fish. I had a bunch of salmon fillets already in the freezer that I traded for few extra elk roasts. Not all the participants are from Kodiak and some of these 'interior' folk appreciate seafood way more than we do. I do know that every year I seem to end up with more seafood than I need. So why not trade some for elk. I know for a fact that elk meat requires far more 'sweat equity' to acquire than fish. Patrick


Pete said...

I love any source of free protein! You certainly have your share of natural-resource awesomeness. I'm quite jealous.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Pete, glad you found the blog! And I'll reply that nothing is free - there is always the 'sweat equity' (read killing and carrying). But I agree we do got it pretty good here on Kodiak, and I must admit that I usually put 'sweat equity' on the plus side of the accounting - hence better than free! Patrick