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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Exciting Friday for Nora

Last Friday was an exciting one for Nora. I found out earlier in the week that she was going to win a spelling award at the school assembly, so I was sure to make it to the end of their church ceremony/awards assembly. I didn't let her know before hand that she was winning an award or that I would see her at the assembly that morning. She was thrilled to see me in the audience and I was ecstatic to see her win the award. Admittedly, I had to choke back some small tears of happiness for her. She has been working so hard this fall!

Also that day, Nora's teacher informed me that Nora won the coloring contest in the kids section of the local newspaper. Sure enough, when I left the school I picked up a copy of her drawing, "What my Teacher looks like." I did some serious laughing outloud at the eyelashes!! too funny.

That night Patrick was returning home from the Elk hunt and she wanted me to show him only one of the items-the coloring contest award OR the spelling award. She was quite shy about the whole thing.


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