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Friday, October 28, 2011

Emulating Mom and Dad in Art

Sometimes in the morning, Stuey gets a hankering for drawing and he'll say, "Draw with me Mommy..." So we'll sit there at our counter with crayons coloring. Last week I noticed that as I drew my house, tree and sun, he did his version after. I would add a tree, he would add a tree. I added leaves, he added leaves. Our drawings ended up being quite similar!

And later in the week, the same happened with Patrick and Nora. He drew an elk, and Nora proceeded to copy it and draw her own version of it!

Its fun to see the kids get their own styles with art. Lately Stuey is big in drawing either Patrick or I in the picture and there is ALWAYS a sun in the picture. (very similar to my drawings...where I always draw a sun).


Top: Stuey version of tree, house, sun
My version of tree, house, sun
Nora version of Elk.
Patrick version of Elk.
Stuey picture. (monster in middle, Stuey off to left. And a sunshine off in far left corner)
Nora Picture-she said it is of me dancing. :)

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