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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kid-isms and SNOW!


-The other day, Nora was playing pretend restaurant and as she brought me food, she would say, "Banana Tea" as she brought us food. I couldn't figure out why she was saying and kept asking, "banana tea". Then she said, "you know, what they say in France with food." Patrick and I got it-she was trying to say, "Bon Appetit"! So we taught her and Stuey to say it correctly and when they served us food, they would cheer "Bon appetit!".

-The other night Stuey crawled into our bed at 4 am, and he was saying something under his breath. I couldn't make it out and asked him to repeat it. He said, "Porcupine starts with P. P is for Porcupine." I told his preschool teachers the next day and they were thrilled to hear that information was about letters was sinking in...even if was sub consciously at night! We all got a good laugh out of it.


This afternoon Patrick and I got a sitter and went up Pyramid together. There have been some good rain storms and cold weather lately, which has resulted in a good amount of snow on top of the mountain. Patrick brought his shotgun for Ptarmigan in case we saw any, but we didn't see even one. Just a day old Ptarmigan track and that was it. The weather was brisk and windy and absolutely gorgeous the whole way up.

Patrick says that with another good storm, there will be enough snow to start skiing down a part of the mountain. It is fun to see the beginnings of ski season arrive! This is Patrick's favorite time of year.

I always enjoy outdoor dates with Patrick. Ever since we started dating, they are my favorite, as we get out and explore together. I love seeing the world through his eyes as he shows me beautiful places in Kodiak.

Last night friends had a kids halloween party and everyone had a great time. There were fun games, gift bags and food involved. Stuey was spiderman and Nora was Snow White. Very simple costumes for them to party down in.

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