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Thursday, February 21, 2008

We've been Pasted

In the last two days we got about three feet of heavy new snow on Pyramid. It has gotten REALLY deep. We do not usually have this much snow on the mountain until April. Hopefully it keeps on accumulating and gets UNBELIEVABLY deep. It's getting hard to recognize the landscape features as they get buried beneath a blanket of snow. All the alder bushes have been buried and the gullies have disappeared.

I think as the snow fell the temperature went up and down and periodically froze the wet snow. It is all soft, but when I skinned up I only sank in about 1/2 foot. But if I pushed my ski pole in it went all the way in. When I skiied down I could bounce and sink way into the powder then porpoise back out. Pretty good skiing. But the avalanche risk is high - I even set off a small avalanche in the North Bowl. Patrick

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