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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I've Learned in 24 hours

I've learned many things in the past day from friends and acquaintenances including....

-There are no easy answers for hard times like these.
-These years are called "terrible 2's" for a reason.
-Nora won't suddenly "outgrow" her stubbornness overnight. It will always be a part of who she is and over time it will be a good trait.
-Since Noras tantrums do tend to revolve around food, to better manage mealtimes and her involvement with meal preparation. Nora enjoys being industrious (don't all kids?) and would thrive on having an even more active role during meal times.
-My friends are wonderful listeners and have lots of great advice. I welcome it all.
-It feels good to just vent.
-Patrick is a wonderful friend, husband and father.


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