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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kodiak Seasons

One of the best things about living in Kodiak is that we got such good seasons. Each is quite distinct with its own charms and activities. In winter we do a lot of skiing - both cross country skiing and downhill. In spring the skiing shifts to the mountain tops and alpine gear as the snow leaves the low country. Kodiak springs are long and brown but with white mountains all around. Summer in Kodiak is Green - it's not called the 'Emerald Isle' for nothing - and activities on the water dominate. Fishing. It's also when I do most of my archaeological fieldwork. Then there is Fall. Kodiak fall is long and lingering as the ocean around the island retains the summer heat. Fall is hunting season. Deer, elk, mountain goats and reindeer.

Photos: Top is the Old Harbor graveyard in early May. Second photo is of Gregg and Mike Mannelin skinning up to go downhill skiing in mid April. Third photo is of Horseshoe Cove on outer Uganik Island in late June. Finally the bottom photo is of the Anvil lake area in mid October. Patrick


Alisa said...

Patrick, this blog did it. really made me miss kodiak. would you please post a photo of it blowing 45 with sideways rain and the occasional gust to 60 that shakes the house. this photo can be in spring, summer, fall or winter since it occurs yearround.

we are still in la paz and all is well. miss you guys, Alisa

The Spin Studio said...

Alisa - go to the video and photo of the 'Mill Bay Rescue' post below. That day it was blowing 40 MPH and gusting to 55MPH. and we got 8 inches of snow. Spruce Cape was a maelstrom.

You have challenged me to find a beautiful 'Nasty weather' picture.

We miss you guys too, and enjoy the pictures and stories from warmer places. Patrick