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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Ski Loop

Lately I've been cross country skiing on the Upper Buskin practically every day. It's my new favorite place to go. Park at the outlet, ski across the backside of the lake, hook up with the old military road and then get on the river and keep going. We've had such a good run of ski weather that I've had a chance to explore the area. Generally in Kodiak, we get good cross country skiing, go a few times, and then it rains. Not this year - I have had a chance to figure out how to link all the fields, river and old roads into a couple of loops. Good sized loops of more than a couple of miles. Bombing up the river, down old military roads that seem like alder tunnels, crossing fields, the occasional twisty trail through an alder thicket to negotiate. I'm loving it.

These two photos were taken today in a series of meadows that I only discovered last week. I used to stick more to the river and old roads and did not realize the extent of these meadows, nor how close they are to the river. Another big loop to add variety to my ski tours. In the bottom photo you can see the river, where we usually are skiing, down at the bottom of the shallow canyon. Just a bit further upstream the canyon gets very deep and leads to a waterfall (ice fall this time of year). Patrick

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