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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Stu is One

Last night we celebrated Stuart's first birthday with a small group of friends.
We enjoyed a king crab ceaser salad with crab given to us by Patricks co-worker, Rose Kinsley. Rose and her husband just returned from spending time on the South end of the Island and they harvested the King Crab just a day or two earlier. It was extra fresh-never frozen! Needless to say, we all decided it was about the best king crab ever, as it didn't have the salty taste that King Crab from canneries often have, as they are cooked in saltwater. Gregg brought scallop ceviche, (scallops "cooked" in lime juice and cilantro) which disappeared quickly! It ended up being quite the seafood feast!

In honor of the big "1", Karen and Jeremy made peanut butter cup brownies and we enjoyed them with whip cream on top. Stuart wasn't quite sure what to make of the whipped cream...

My "little" guy is 1! How fun!!

(Nora had a hard time at dinner and Patrick ended up disappearing with her for about 45 minutes to get her to bed. So she wasn't able to enjoy the birthday cupcakes. We video taped the birthday song and Patrick enjoyed watching it all this morning, as he missed the festivities last night. This morning Nora also enjoyed watching the video and she kept saying "Happy", "Happy" and clapping. )


Stuart and I playing with the little cars Auntie MJ gave him.
Patrick and Nora in front of the King Crab before it was shucked for the salad.
Nora "cooking" in the kitchen...making onion soups with spices in it, etc.. .:)
Birthday card from Karen and Jeremy with whipped cream in background.

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