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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day after the Blizzard

On Sunday Zoya, Gregg, Lisa and I skiied across Buskin Lake, up the Upper Buskin River, and into the canyon at the head of the river. It was the first time all year that we have been able to get up into the canyon. A beautiful sunny day with practically no wind. Huge contrast with the day before. Hard to believe that 24 hours could make such a difference.

According to the weather service we got 9 inches of new snow in the storm, but on the upper Buskin it was 2 feet or more of new snow. All the snow blew off the mountains and settled in the sheltered canyon and trees. It made for tough work breaking trail while everyone following had it easy. Of course the glide back to the car on a well-beaten in track was divine. Patrick

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