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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gregg Rips a Turn

Just a quick note and photo showing the skiing today up on Pyramid. I think Zoya will be posting shortly about the baby shower she hosted, and the post will be pushed down to second fiddle anyway. So stay tuned for the baby shower photos! To sum up my day on the mountain - the snow was great, but the light was bad.

I met Gregg and Lisa at the top of the South Bowl in a complete whiteout. They skinned up from the parking lot while I took the long route up from the switchbacks. Sort of amazing that we arrived at the summit at the same time. I heard Gregg talking to Lisa - clear as a bell (good thing they weren't talking about something personal). I yelled, and they came over and found me. Black figures suddenly materializing in the white. We ripped a few runs in the bad light but terrific snow. The first guy down was at a disadvantage because it was all white. The next two skiiers had the tracks of the first skiier for relief against the white. Amazing what a few tracks does for your depth perception! Patrick

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